Turbo's Explained

Standard turbo chargers offer a performance increase of anything from 10 to 50bhp.

A turbo consists of a turbine and a compressor, the turbine is spun by gases from the exhaust and gets faster as the engine revolutions increase, the compressor is linked to the cars air intake and spins at the same speed as the turbine, sucking air in and using its specific designed blades to compress the air going into the engine.

Turbo upgrades come in many forms, improved compressor or turbine blade design, bigger size for increased volume or better bearings for smoother faster spinning speeds. Upgraded turbos can in most cases, improve performance, reduce lag (the time it takes to start spinning) and improve fuel economy by being more efficient.

Turbo Upgrades

Upgrading your turbo greatly increases the performance of your vehicle and when done correctly will not affect the reliability of your vehicle.

Here at Dirty Torque we are able to pretty much cater for any turbo upgrade requirements. From the supply and fitting of off the shelf upgrades to custom specification VSR balanced performance turbochargers to suit your individual vehicle.

Turbo Upgrades

The team here at Dirty Torque are equipped with a wealth of knowledge enabling them to provide you with the best possible advice on how to attain your goals.

Along with our turbo upgrades we also offer custom manifolds for a more free flowing system, inter-cooler upgrades including front mounts and performance turbo hoses and ancillaries. With a wide range of modifications and parts to enable you to get the most out of your new turbo upgrade be sure to browse our Performance Tuning Sections for further information.