Exhaust Explained

The exhaust system vents the waste gases away from your vehicle, controls back pressure (an important factor in engine running), removes toxic waste and controls the sound of your engine. Fitting quality exhausts specifically designed for your vehicle is important, cheaper systems can sometimes cut back on fitting quality and performance. Checking your current exhaust system periodically is important, it can prevent harmful gases entering the vehicle, accidents where parts of the system break off and performance where your vehicles engine is not running as it should.


Dirty Torque can provide you with a full range of exhaust, repair, replacement and upgrade options. Making sure your exhaust system is correctly set up and fitted ensures your safety by making sure there are no toxic fumes entering your vehicle and as an external part it is important there are no loose components which could come away at speed potentially causing an accident.

Your exhaust system is also responsible for noise reduction and the removal of harmful Emissions. Our prices start from just £35 per hour labour plus parts. In most cases we are able to refit an entire exhaust system in around 2 hours.

For performance upgrades please see our specialist upgrades section.