ECU's Explained

An ECU (ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT ) controls the fuel injection system, ignition timing (on petrol engines), and the idle speed control system. The ECU also interrupts the operation of the air conditioning and Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems, turbocharger pressure and controls power to the fuel pump (through the control relay).

The ECU consists of an 8 or 16 bit microprocessor, random access memory (RAM), read only memory (ROM), and an input/output interface. Based on information from the input sensors (engine coolant temperature, barometric pressure, air flow, etc.), the ECU determines settings for the output actuators (injection, idle speed, ignition timing, etc.).

ECU re-mapping

Dirty Torque offer a bespoke complete full-service from our in-house tuning facility including EGR deletion and DPF removal services. We pride ourselves in offering a specialist team of Re-Map Writers with industry leading tuning software to individually remap each vehicle to reach its ultimate potential. Our tuning facilities include a static ‘rolling road’ so we can test and monitor our results to ensure we have achieved our performance goals before you drive away.

Each remap we do is unique to your vehicle and your requirements. Maybe you have a modified engine fitted with a larger turbo!! Perhaps your vehicle is used to tow your caravan or you may be looking to achieve greater fuel efficiency from your engine. We can offer a custom remap optimised to do just that.

A custom Re-Map can take anywhere between 30 mins – 2 hours depending on your requirements. Whatever your needs we can easily remap your vehicle to suit your individual needs.

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