Diagnostics Explained

Many modern vehicles are equipped with on-board computers that are designed to provide the driver with the knowledge of a problem as soon as it occurs. Being able to see the problem as soon as it appears is reassuring and enables the driver to get the problem sorted before it causes damage to the vehicle.

This system; or vehicle diagnostic tools are known as on board diagnostics (OBD) and are an extremely useful way to efficiently diagnose any difficulties within your vehicle. Our vehicle diagnostics team have been specially trained to understand the causes of the problems so that they are better able to fix them in the shortest amount of time.


We are able to carry out a full diagnostic analysis of your vehicle enabling us to find any current faults and in some cases this also allows us to spot any components which may be beginning to fail enabling us to rectify any problems before they arise.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Ensuring efficient running of your vehicle
  • Helps to ensure vehicle reliability
  • Helps to reduce emissions

Diagnostic prices start from just £15 and take anywhere from 15 mins – 35 mins depending on the complexities and service required.