Breaking Systems Explained

The breaking system is one of the most important safety systems on any vehicle. Its most common setup is a round disc, brake pads and a break calliper. The disc rotates with the wheel, when you depress the brake the hydraulic calliper squeezes the brake pads against the disc converting the motion to heat and slowing the car down.

It is important to ensure that your breaking system is at its optimum at all times as any defects could increase the time and distance it takes your vehicle to stop. Common faults can be corrosion, fluid leaks, parts seizing and general wear.

Vehicles come with factory fitted breaking systems, however when improving your cars performance it is also vital that your car brakes are also improved. Cross drilled discs, improved pads and large discs and callipers are some of the most common modifications.

Breaking Systems

The braking system on your car is incredibly important to your safety. Here at Dirty Torque your safety is paramount to us.

We provide a full service, repair and maintenance of pretty much any vehicles breaking systems. We make sure all components are checked and cleaned before refitting. Copper Grease is used on key areas in an attempt to prevent any parts from excessive wear, seizing in the future and reduce brake squeal noise. We use mainly good quality genuine manufacturer parts.

Prices start from just £35 per hour labour plus parts and can take anything upwards of 1 hour.

As per our performance and upgrade section we are also able to provide full braking system upgrades to include:

  • Increased disc size
  • Higher quality pads
  • Bigger callipers with more pistons.